U.S. Project Open Data calls DKAN a “ready-to-use” tool “that will help agencies jump-start their open efforts” and a “real, implementable” solution “developed to significantly reduce the barrier to implementing open data at your agency.”


DKAN2 is coming soon!

We’ve paid close attention to how you gather, share, and use data in the real world, and we’re keeping your favorite DKAN features while plotting out some new ones.

Meanwhile, on the back end, we’ve totally rethought how an open source open data system should be built, and DKAN2 is a Drupal 8-based, microservice-architected, schema-centered, API-first, front-end decoupled, open data platform. That means it’s more flexible, nimble, forward-thinking, and interoperable than ever before.

Stay tuned for our roadmap and keep an eye on our blog to follow the conversation as we build the next generation of open source open data tooling.